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Plausible Damages for the Wrongful Death of a Child

The wrongful death of a loved one is a difficult situation to endure, but these tragedies are even more egregious when they result in the death of a child. While a grieving family has grounds [...]

The Risk of Trucks Carrying Hazardous Materials

Large trucks create substantial risks on the roadways of Tennessee. The weight and size of these vehicles make them extremely dangerous, and serious injuries often result when other vehicles are involved in trucking accidents. When [...]

Longer Trailers Could Lead to Increased Truck Crashes

Due to their substantial size and weight, tractor trailer trucks pose a serious danger to drivers on the Tennessee highways, due to their substantial size and weight. Yet there are efforts underway to increase the [...]

How long do I have to file my medical malpractice case in Tennessee?

As with most aspects of the law, this very simple question, "How long do I have to file a medical malpractice claim in Tennessee?" can be quite complicated to answer. If you think you or [...]

Dangers of Driving on Under-Inflated Tires

Driving on under-inflated tires is dangerous. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost 1/3 of passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs are being driven with at least one under-inflated tire. Under-inflation is one [...]

Sadler Bailey Files Federal Lawsuit on Behalf of Legionnaires Victim in Memphis

On August 27, 2016, Marlene Casas stayed at the La Quinta Inn & Suites on Millbranch Road, in Memphis; she was here to visit Graceland, as so many tourists do each year. Three days after [...]

Is There a Link Between Energy Drinks and Drunk Driving Crashes?

The market for energy drinks seems to be teens, college students, and young professionals trying to get through the daily grind. Most people think these drinks are relatively harmless, or if not harmless, at least [...]

Jury Awards $44 Million for Brain Injury Medical Malpractice Verdict

A jury in Philadelphia awarded $44.1 million to Andrea Tate, a patient who suffered a brain bleed while being treated at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, according to a story in the Legal [...]

R. Sadler Bailey Achieves $600,000 for Client Injured in a Tractor-Trailer Collision

When you have been in a serious commercial truck accident, you need an attorney who will fight aggressively and effectively on your behalf. Firm founder R. Sadler Bailey proves that once again, choosing the right [...]

Tragic Crash on I-40 Shows the Real Dangers of Truck Accidents

A woman was killed in a crash between her SUV and a tractor-trailer on Interstate 40 in Madison on Friday January 29. The police report from the Tennessee Highway Patrol said that a driver was [...]

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