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Sep20, 2017

Memphis Looks to Join the Fight Against Opioid Addiction, with the help of Attorney Thomas Greer

By |Sep 20, 2017|Categories: Personal Injury|0 Comments

There is no doubt that opioid addiction is a clear and present danger. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that more than 30,000 people died in 2015 as a result of opioid overdoses [...]

Sep14, 2017

Statute of Limitations for Late-Emerging Birth Injuries in Tennessee

By |Sep 14, 2017|Categories: Birth Injuries|0 Comments

Amidst the joys of pregnancy, every parent’s nightmare is the horror of tragic complications or injury during birth. Worse yet, some families leave the hospital or birth center believing all is well with their infant, [...]

Sep6, 2017

Liability in Tennessee Auto Accidents Involving More Than Two Cars

By |Sep 6, 2017|Categories: Auto Accidents|0 Comments

Traffic pileups happen frequently in urban areas like Memphis, particularly during rush hour and peak commute times. When there are multiple cars involved in an auto accident, it can be a chore to determine fault. [...]

Aug30, 2017

Lawsuit Revisits Tennessee Civil Justice Act Damage Caps

By |Aug 30, 2017|Categories: Catastrophic Injury|0 Comments

In June, an East Tennessee lawsuit intended to target opioid drug makers was filed in the Sullivan County Circuit Court. In addition to suing three drug makers that create and market several types of the [...]

Aug23, 2017

Determining Fault in Tennessee Rear End Accidents

By |Aug 23, 2017|Categories: Auto Accidents|0 Comments

Minor fender benders are an all-too-common occurrence on the Tennessee roadways, particularly during peak hours when traffic is bumper to bumper. These scenarios often involve a rear-end accident, in which the front of one car [...]

Aug16, 2017

The Risk of Trucks Carrying Hazardous Materials

By |Aug 16, 2017|Categories: Truck Accidents|0 Comments

Large trucks create substantial risks on the roadways of Tennessee. The weight and size of these vehicles make them extremely dangerous, and serious injuries often result when other vehicles are involved in trucking accidents. When [...]

Aug9, 2017

Florida Doctor Found Liable for Negligence in Horrific Birth Injury Case

By |Aug 9, 2017|Categories: Birth Injuries|0 Comments

A Florida family recently received a $33.8 million judgment for birth injuries to their newborn baby. A federal judge found that the attending obstetrician was negligent in failing to perform a timely cesarean section and [...]

Aug3, 2017

Summer: The Deadliest Time of Year for Teenage Drivers

By |Aug 3, 2017|Categories: Auto Accidents|0 Comments

The American Automobile Association (AAA) labels the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day as the “100 Deadliest Days.” This disturbing description stems from the fact that fatal teen driving accidents increase by 15% during [...]

Jul27, 2017

How a Day at the Beach Can End in Paralysis

By |Jul 27, 2017|Categories: Catastrophic Injury|0 Comments

When you think about a day at the beach, fun and relaxation are probably the first thoughts that come to mind. From frolicking in the waves to an exciting ride on a watercraft, a trip [...]

Jul20, 2017

Recognizing Indications of a Traumatic Brain Injury

By |Jul 20, 2017|Categories: Catastrophic Injury|0 Comments

Traumatic brain injuries range from relatively minor to catastrophic. Caused by a sudden blow or jolt to the head, TBIs are frequently the result of car crashes, truck accidents, sports injuries, bike accidents, or an [...]

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