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Trusted West Tennessee Attorneys Protecting Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Keeping families safe and secure in Memphis, Jackson and beyond

There are a great number of motorized vehicles making their way through West Tennessee at any given time on any given day. We have hundreds of thousands of cars and commercial trucks traveling our roadways, as well as trains, buses and mass transit vehicles transporting commuters and tourists alike. With so much hustle and bustle, it is practically inevitable that you will be a part of an accident at some point in your life.

When that accident causes serious personal injury or property damage, however, you may need more help getting back up on your feet. At Bailey & Greer, PLLC, we help families just like yours after a serious motor vehicle crash leads to expensive medical care, mounting bills and lost wages. We are proud to serve the community in Memphis and Jackson and throughout West Tennessee, focusing on the fight to secure compensation while you focus on getting well. When you are hurt and cannot support your family, we are here to help.

What we do

Because experience has taught us that the insurance companies would rather keep their profits than help their customers, we at Bailey & Greer handle all manner of motor vehicle crashes in Tennessee. We are often called up by families suffering after a:

  • Car accident. Car accidents are, sadly, an almost daily event here in Tennessee. If you or your family member was hurt in a car accident, or if you suffered an injury because a defective auto part failed to keep you safe or led to a crash, our personal injury lawyers know how to protect you.
  • Truck accident. Commercial trucks are big, heavy and slow; sometimes, even the fastest response time possible by a commercial trucker isn’t enough to prevent a serious accident. Other times, greedy and reckless companies put their own profits above the safety of their drivers and other passengers. Our team has the skills and resources necessary to properly protect your rights after a truck crash.
  • Mass transit accident. Commuters, shoppers, tourists – there are many people who use mass transportation to get to work, enjoy a night out or transport goods from Memphis and Jackson to places across Tennessee and the country. If you are hurt in a bus crash, a train accident, an accident involving a taxi or limousine or any incident involving a mass transit vehicle, we want to hear your story.
  • Motorcycle accident. Bikers are among the most at-risk travelers on the roads. Not only do motorcycles provide little-to-no protection in a crash, but oftentimes auto drivers “forget” that motorcycle riders have the same rights to the road as they do. Bailey & Greer provides comprehensive representation to bikers who have been hurt in a motorcycle accident.
  • Uber or Lyft crashes. Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have made it really easy – and relatively inexpensive – to travel around Memphis. Crashes with Uber drivers can be a little complicated, though, when it comes to recovering damages. We can help.
  • Drunk Driving - Every day in the United States almost 29 people die in alcohol-related traffic crashes. That was about one person every 50 minutes in 2016 according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The firm also represents victims of accidents involving bicycles, pedestrians and electric scooters. Regardless of how severe or seemingly minor your injuries may be, you could be entitled to help if you were hurt because of someone else’s negligence. At Bailey & Greer, we can do battle with the insurance companies who don’t want to pay after an accident leaves you struggling to support your loved ones. We also assist those in the tragic position of having lost a loved one in a crash, walking you through the process of filing a wrongful death claim while never forgetting that no amount of money can make up for that kind of pain. Our personal injury attorneys are there to help you protect your family in the times when you need to circle your wagons and focus on healing your hearts.

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See why motor vehicle accident victims turn to Bailey & Greer for help

Bailey & Greer, PLLC, helps families in Memphis, Jackson and West Tennessee who have been hurt in a motor vehicle accidents close to home or far away. We put the needs and goals of our clients first, and we refuse to back down to an insurance company offering a settlement that suits them more than it helps you. If you have been hurt and need help, please call 901-680-9777 or fill out our contact form and schedule an appointment with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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