What Are the Top Causes of Trucking Accidents in Tennessee?

By Thomas Greer | February 19, 2020

Well, the common things that we see in our practice are fatigue, and that could be the result of drivers driving too many hours, violating the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations. We see lack of training. Oftentimes, the trucking companies have an incentive to get drivers out on the road, and they don’t do a…

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Negligent Trucking Companies: Fatigued Drivers Kill

By Thomas Greer | January 15, 2020

 We handle a lot of cases involving fatigued truck drivers. There’s lots of reasons that truckers will get out on the road being fatigued. There are federal regulations that require them to get a certain amount of rest, a certain amount of breaks in their shift, but often times they don’t comply with the…

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Do I Need an Attorney for a Motorcycle Accident in TN?

By Thomas Greer | October 2, 2019

Unless it’s a very minor incident, then definitely you are going to need a lawyer for a motorcycle wreck. Just by the nature of the size of the motorcycle, often times these wrecks are catastrophic, and the injuries are very serious, and the stakes are high. And so, you’re going to need a lawyer to…

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What Happens if I Get Hurt in a Dump Truck Accident?

By Thomas Greer | September 11, 2019

Dump trucks are often used at construction sites and road repair sites to transport gravel, dirt, sand, and waste. They’re operated through a hydraulic system that allows the bed to dump materials to the ground by lifting the front of the bed. There are different types of dump trucks including traditional dump trucks, semi-trailer dump…

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What Happens When You Need to File a Wrongful Death Claim? 

By Thomas Greer | July 31, 2019

When tragedy strikes and a family member is killed as a result of someone else’s negligence, it can be impossible to focus. Your first priority is honoring your loved one and providing a respectful funeral. Unfortunately, decisions about filing legal claims need to be made fairly quickly. Investigators need to analyze the cause of the…

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What Kind of Car Insurance Do I Need?

By R. Sadler Bailey | June 26, 2019

In Tennessee, as in all states, car insurance is a key factor involved in any claim for damages filed after a traffic accident. According to the Tennessee Financial Responsibility Law, car owners must prove their ability to pay for financial losses if they are responsible for a car crash. Financial responsibility for losses resulting from…

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What Are the Benefits of Settling a Case Out of Court?

By Thomas Greer | June 19, 2019

 What are the benefits of settling a case out of court? Well, the immediate benefit is that your case is over, and you have accepted an amount of money – whether you’re satisfied with it or not – but the case is over, and you get money to resolve your case. Whereas, if you…

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Negligent Trucking Companies: Truck Driver Log Book Fraud

By Thomas Greer | May 22, 2019

 In a lot of our truck wreck cases, we uncover log book fraud. What that means is, there is a federal motor carrier safety act that requires truckers to keep log books of their hours. They’re only allowed to drive so many hours per day. They’re only allowed to drive so many hours per…

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Can You Sue If You’re Injured by Someone Saving Your Life?

By R. Sadler Bailey | January 3, 2019

Imagine yourself at your favorite restaurant, eating your favorite meal. In the middle of the meal, you begin to choke, and a person from another table administers the Heimlich maneuver. In the process of stopping you from choking, you develop a blood clot that nearly costs you your life. These blood clots are rare, but…

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Bailey & Greer Client Awarded $1.2 Million in Truck Accident Case

By R. Sadler Bailey | September 6, 2018

Bailey & Greer, PLLC partner Thomas Greer recently obtained a $1.2 million jury verdict on behalf of our client, a truck driver, who was injured when a distracted driver for Short Fuse Trucking rear-ended our client. Under Tennessee’s comparative fault laws, our client will be entitled to just under $1 million for his injuries. On…

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