Yes, It’s Worth It to Hire a Memphis Personal Injury Lawyer

Yes, It’s Worth It to Hire a Memphis Personal Injury LawyerThere’s a mistake that many personal injury victims make. That mistake is handling their case on their own. They talk themselves out of getting help from the one resource that can provide the most of it: a Memphis personal injury lawyer.

Being the victim of an accident is serious. Most of us are one accident away from permanent disability. There’s so much on the line that you don’t want to leave in your own hands. Even if you have faith in your ability to handle a case, how well do you think you can fare against an entire legal team? Simply put, having a Memphis personal injury lawyer on your side is worth it.

The biggest misconception about personal injury lawyers concerns their fees. This may be the first time in your life that you’ve dealt with a legal case, and you’ve probably heard that legal services are expensive.

While that may be the case for specific practice areas, personal injury lawyers are affordable for everyone. The reason why is because of something known as contingency fee arrangements.

How do contingency fee arrangements work in a personal injury case?

Contingency fee arrangements are a contract between a lawyer and their client in a personal injury case. The lawyer’s legal fees are determined by the successful outcome of the case. If your lawyer reaches a settlement or wins a trial verdict in your favor, their fees will be compensated by a percentage of your award. If they don’t win or settle, you are not obligated to pay your lawyer’s fees. The lawyer is only paid if they successfully resolve your case.

The United States Office of Government Ethics states:

The term “contingency fee” refers to a type of fee arrangement in a case in which an attorney or firm agrees that the payment of legal fees will be contingent upon the successful outcome of the case.  Frequently, a contingency fee will be a portion of the proceeds obtained by the client due to the litigation or settlement, or it may be the amount of attorney fees accrued but not billed to the client until the successful conclusion of the case.  The specific arrangements for a contingency fee case should be outlined in a fee agreement, which is a contract between the lawyer (or law firm) and the client that explains the terms and conditions of the representation.

Benefits of contingency fee arrangements

Contingency fee arrangements are a win-win scenario for you and your Memphis personal injury lawyer.

Recovering from your injuries will already cost you physically, emotionally, and financially. You shouldn’t have to stress about paying hourly lawyer’s fees.

With a contingency fee arrangement, your fees are already factored into your compensation if you win your case. If you don’t, you still do not have to worry about receiving a surprise invoice from your lawyer.

Your lawyer will also provide the best legal services for your case. Because your compensation and the lawyer’s compensation are on the line, your lawyer will put their best foot forward. Your attorney will be as committed to winning your case as you are.

No unexpected fees

There’s also a sense of predictability with a contingency fee arrangement. With this type of arrangement, lawyers don’t have the opportunity to charge additional fees for their services. Unlike an hourly fee, contingency fee arrangements are calculated from a certain percentage. This percentage can usually range anywhere from 25% to 40 percent.

Knowing what to expect with lawyer’s fees can give you a sense of confidence. You know what percentage to expect out of your compensation should you win your case. Being upfront about contingency fee arrangements can help establish trust between you and your lawyer.

Signs of a good personal injury lawyer

Another misconception about personal injury lawyers is that they look at you as just another number. Just like any other occupation, there are “good” and “bad” lawyers. Still, you don’t want preconceived notions to prevent you from winning your case.

Personal injury lawyers can do so much for your case, especially when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. A good personal injury lawyer remains in constant communication with you. They keep you up to date with the new developments of your case. They also determine the best legal outcome for you instead of what is best for themselves or their law firms.

This is important when it comes to settlements. Even though most personal injury cases end in a settlement, not all settlements are fair to the victims. You don’t want a Memphis personal injury attorney who rushes to settle your case. If insurance companies offer you a terrible settlement offer, you want a lawyer who will point it out and negotiate for the fair settlement that you deserve.

What you get from a Memphis personal injury attorney

When you work with a Memphis personal injury lawyer, you get more than your money’s worth. You get legal guidance that can ensure the best result for your case. Your lawyer can help file the right claim for your case, gather the best evidence for your claim, and protect you from deceitful insurance agents.

Insurance agents will attempt to stop your claim from the beginning of your case all the way until an outcome is reached. One common argument insurance agents use is that a person’s claim has been filed past the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations is the time period for each personal injury victim to file a claim, which in Tennessee is one year. Your lawyer can file your claim within the specific statute of limitations to make sure your case proceeds.

Preparing for trial

Your lawyer can also help you prepare your case for trial if insurance agents don’t want to compromise. Preparing for trial involves several steps that can seem challenging. These steps involve discovery, which is the collection of all evidence that will be used during the trial.

Your lawyer can help gather the strongest evidence on your behalf and strengthen your chances of winning. If you need to testify during your trial, your lawyer can also prepare you on what to say and how to handle the defendant’s legal team.

Working towards a settlement

Your lawyer can also reach the best settlement for you. When it comes to negotiating for settlements, insurance agents feel that they have the upper hand. Insurance agents will dangle terrible offers in your face and threaten to take your claim to trial if you don’t concede. A Memphis personal injury lawyer can negotiate the best settlement for you. They can use their legal expertise against the insurance agents and prevent them from offering a lowball settlement.

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