Any type of motorcycle has the potential to be safe, as well as the potential to be dangerous. That said, there are statistics which show that motorcycle accidents happen more often with some types of bikes than with others. According to the numbers, sport bikes are involved in more fatal crashes than cruisers, resulting in approximately four times as many deaths.

There are differences between sport bikes and cruisers which may have an impact on how often they are involved in accidents. For example, sport bikes are designed with a short wheel base and made with lightweight so that riders can make tight turns and accelerate quickly. These attributes make them easier for new riders and riders who have little upper body strength to control on dry pavement. On wet pavement, however, they are not as easy to control as cruisers, which are made of heavier materials and have a larger wheel base. People who ride cruisers must make wider, slower turns than those who ride sport bikes, and cruisers take a bit more muscle to maneuver.

While motorcycle design may play some role in how often each type of bike gets crashed, rider behavior is by far the most important variable. Each rider has their own individual riding style which makes it more or less likely that they will be involved in an accident. While it is important not to judge riders’ potential for safe or unsafe behavior based upon the type of bike they ride, there are statistics which attribute certain accident risk factors to one group of riders more often than another. For example, sport bike riders generally ride faster than those who ride cruisers. As a result, speed is often the root cause of more sport bike accidents than cruiser accidents. In contrast, alcohol is more often implicated in fatal crashes involving cruisers than it is for wrecks involving sport bikes.

Speed and alcohol are not the only potentially dangerous behavior that riders engage in while on the road. Aggressive driving maneuvers, such as weaving in and out of traffic, may cause an accident. Riding without a helmet may not cause an accident, but it does increase the risk of death or serious injury in the event of a crash. Inexperienced riders are also much more likely to crash than those with more miles under their belts.

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