Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injury After a Tennessee Car Crash

It is one of the scariest things that can happen in a car accident; and as Memphis auto accident attorneys, we know just how devastating a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be. One minute life is good, and the next, you are in the hospital with doctors all around you, working to diagnose just how serious your TBI is.

When you enter the emergency room, medical personnel begin to diagnose your injury as quickly as possible. They may use the following procedures to do this:

  • First, you will be stabilized and a physical examination conducted.
  • Once stabilized, the next step will be to study your vital signs, visible injuries and breathing in order to determine the severity of your brain injury. This could range from a mild concussion to a more serious head trauma.
  • Tests like x-rays, CT scans and MRI scans may be ordered to determine how serious your head injury is.
  • Established scales will be used to determine your level of consciousness.

Physicians will determine if your brain injury is mild, moderate or severe. The symptoms of a mild brain injury may not be immediately apparent. It could take days or weeks for you to experience things like insomnia or headaches. It is always a good idea to be checked out when you experience head trauma, whether or not your symptoms appear right away. Most mild brain injuries do not require much medical attention other than check-ups.

In a moderate or severe brain injury, the stakes are higher and the patient may be unconscious, physically impaired, and/or mentally damaged. In cases like these, treatment will begin immediately following more extensive diagnostic testing that may include intracranial pressure monitoring in addition to MRIs and CT scans.

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