Car Accidents and Brain Injury

Car Accidents and Brain InjuryAfter a brain injury, people can experience many physical and emotional changes. A person can experience a permanent loss of consciousness and cognitive ability, or changes in the way they express their emotions.  Brain injuries can also cause anxiety and depression.

There are many accidents that can cause people to experience traumatic brain injuries, but one of the most common are car accidents. Even though car accidents can vary in severity, there are many occasions where they can cause a driver or passenger to experience a serious brain injury.

How a Memphis car accident can cause brain injuries

During a car accident, your entire body can be thrown around the vehicle, causing serious injuries. There are several factors that can determine the severity of injury in a car crash:

  • The direction in which a person is hit. Being involved in a car accident can cause your head to jolt in sudden and violent movements. Depending on the direction in which your vehicle is hit, your head can come in contact with the dashboard, window, or airbag. Even if your car has been rear-ended, your head can still endure a significant blow.
  • The speed of the car. Another factor that can contribute to the impact of a car accident is the speed of the vehicles. The faster the other vehicle is traveling, the more force you will absorb in a collision.
  • The use of a seat belt. You can reduce the chance of more severe injury based on whether you wear your seat belt. Wearing a seat belt can prevent you from being ejected from the car or enduring significant damage to the head.

What are the symptoms of brain injuries?

Brain injuries from a car accident can range from moderate to severe. If you suffer from symptoms like repeated vomiting, worsening headaches, slurred speech, or loss of coordination, you may be experiencing a moderate brain injury. If you suffer from symptoms like numbness in fingers or toes, a sense of confusion, an inability to wake up from sleep, and convulsions or seizures, you likely have a severe brain injury.

Types of brain injuries caused by car accidents

Car accidents can cause the following brain injuries:

  • Penetration injuries. An external object can penetrate through your skull and cause serious damage to your brain.
  • Diffuse axonal. You can suffer from a diffuse axonal head injury when the parts of the brain structure tear. When your body comes to a sudden stop, your brain can crash against your skull. This type of brain injury often happens in high-speed car accidents.
  • Coup-contrecoup. A coup-contrecoup head injury happens when the brain suddenly jerks against the skull. The impact from the car accident causes the brain to hit against both sides of the skull. As a result, both sides of the brain end up damaged.
  • A concussion occurs when the brain hits the inside of the skull from a sudden change of movement. The severity of a concussion can vary and can cause serious symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, or personality changes.
  • A contusion is a head injury where the brain suffers bruising. This type of brain injury usually results from direct impact to the head. When your head is struck by other external objects or your head hits a fixed object in the car, you can experience a contusion.

Recovering from a brain injury

The chances of recovery from a serious brain injury are slim, often requiring ongoing care for the rest of your life. Depending on the severity of your injury, you will need physical therapy, speech therapy, and other rehabilitative services. You may also need the services and expertise of a neuropsychologist.

The road to recovery will be difficult. You may need to learn how to walk again, talk again, and learn everyday activities. Because all of your time and effort will be geared toward rehabilitation, your ability to work will be seriously affected. You may have to consider permanently walking away from your current occupation.

How a Memphis car accident lawyer can help

Because the rehabilitation process for brain injuries is long-term, you deserve to receive long-term compensation for your damages from a car accident. Your medical costs will be greater than the medical costs of a car accident victim with minimal injuries. You can also seek compensation for the amount of time that you have missed from work and in some cases the amount of wages that you will miss out on in the future. If your injuries are permanent, you can seek greater compensation for your injuries.

An experienced car accident lawyer can evaluate the actual worth of your claim, and work to secure compensation that you may not have considered. An attorney can also represent your legal rights against deceitful parties like insurance companies who want to deny your claim right out the gate.

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