Any time there’s a truck wreck it’s important to preserve as much evidence as you can following the wreck, and the reason is the trucking company has already been to the scene. They’ve already sent investigators and lawyers and accident reconstructionists to the scene to defend their case.

One of the most critical pieces of information that we find in cases that we handle is the electronic control module, or “black box” – there’s various other names for it – but what this computer system does is it monitors things like speed, timing of braking, how hard the person braked, how many seconds there was a brake before impact, the speed at impact, and all kinds of other information.

And so these things don’t lie, so you may have various different witness accounts and the driver may say this or may say that – but the onboard computer, the black box, is going to give you a lot of objective data that we can often times use in our case to help our clients. So if you need a lawyer to help you with a truck wreck, please call us at Bailey & Greer. The number is 901-680-9777, or on the web at