Treatments and Liability for Tennessee Erb’s Palsy Babies

If your baby has suffered the birth injury called Erb’s palsy, you are probably feeling confused and angry, and you have every right. This mostly avoidable condition is almost always caused by a medical mistake during delivery. As Middle Tennessee birth injury lawyers, we see these cases as unnecessary, yet we still deal with them regularly.

However, while you are emotionally upset, you still have a beautiful little newborn to care for and love, which should always come first. And knowing what to expect can help you deal calmly with whatever the future holds.

Erb’s Palsy Treatment: Erb’s palsy is treated in two ways: nonsurgical and surgical. The vast majority of Erb’s injuries, 90%, can be treated without the invasiveness and stress of surgery.

Facts about non-surgical Erb’s palsy treatment:

  • The main treatment for Erb’s palsy is daily physical therapy.
  • You can expect to take a very active role in your child’s treatment.
  • Daily physical therapy will begin when your child is about three weeks old.
  • Your doctor or physical therapist will teach you exercises to do with your baby.
  • The exercises you learn will help maintain the range of motion in your baby’s shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, avoiding stiffening while the nerves heal.
  • Parents who participate in their children’s therapy often report that they form even closer bonding and enjoy the time “playing with the baby”.

Facts about surgical Erb’s palsy treatment:

  • If there is no marked improvement within the first three to six months, your doctor may suggest an initial exploratory surgery to try to improve the condition.
  • You should not expect overnight miracles from this surgery. Nerves heal very slowly and may take from several months to years for the repair to reach the lower parts of the arm and hand.
  • If your child continues to have weakness in the affected arm, other surgeries might be suggested as your child grows.

No matter what, you and your family should always treat the injured baby as a regular part of the gang. By being loving, supportive and encouraging, you can assure the best possible life for your child.

If you believe that your baby’s injury was caused by medical negligence, you should contact an experienced Middle Tennessee birth injury lawyer. You may have a medical malpractice lawsuit that can help you to cover the financial burdens and suffering that can accompany Erb’s palsy. Call Bailey & Greer in Memphis today to explore your options. You can reach us at 901-680-9777.

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