Why Would An Employer Hire A Private Investigator to Follow an Injured Employee

The general answer is that many Employers will take any possible steps in order to stop paying workers’ compensation benefits to an injured Employee. In most cases, an investigator will be hired to take photographs or videos which demonstrate that an injured Employee is misrepresnting his or her physical condition. If an Employer is able to show that an Employee has misrepresented an injury, than this Employee would no longer be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, including temporary total disability payments.

In some cases, the photos or videos might be used to establish that the Employee is simply not following their doctor’s orders. In some cases, the investigator may try to speak to the Employee on the phone and start a conversation that can be edited in such a way as to hurt the Employee’s case. In other cases, the investigator may try to speak with people who are acquainted with the Employee, such as a neighbor or a co-worker. If the investigator happens to speak to someone that has a reason to dislike the Employee, this information could potentially be used to hurt the Employee’s case.

The bottom line is that Employers will use private investigators in order to make a case against you. It is not illegal and it is happening every day in Tennessee. If you are injured at work, follow these steps, and remember that someone may be watching you at all times.

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