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Does Your Firm Handle Legal Malpractice Cases?

This is absolutely the core of how I feel about the law and why I’m proud of what I do. I remember as a young lawyer, in trying to investigate medical malpractice cases, it didn’t take me long to see that doctors would cover up for each other. Carrying that forward, I found that lawyers did the same thing. I don’t think that’s right. I believe in accountability. If you injure someone because you are negligent, you should be held accountable for that, and that applies to everybody: doctors, lawyers, anybody else.

So, you’re going to find, if you have been the victim of legal malpractice, that it’s very difficult to get a lawyer. Most lawyers are not going to do this. I’m proud to say that I’ve been handling legal malpractice cases for a long time, and with a lot of success. It’s what we do. It’s what we believe in. Lawyers should be held accountable when they screw up, and we’ve certainly seen some really bad lawyering. I’ve seen lawyers that miss a statute, and then they follow it up by lying about it. I’ve seen lawyers with drug and alcohol problems, lawyers that grossly mishandle cases. They need to compensate their victims.

Often, a person has been victimized through a car wreck, a trucking case, a medical malpractice case, and then victimized again by their lawyer; and they ought to be able to recover. The lawyer should be held accountable. If you think you’ve got a legal malpractice case, call Bailey & Greer: 901-680-9777, or We have offices in Memphis and Jackson, and represent clients throughout West Tennessee.



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