Unless it’s a very minor incident, then definitely you are going to need a lawyer for a motorcycle wreck. Just by the nature of the size of the motorcycle, often times these wrecks are catastrophic, and the injuries are very serious, and the stakes are high. And so, you’re going to need a lawyer to walk you through the process, to be able to investigate the scene of the wreck, to hire accident reconstructionists if necessary, and it’s very important that you get a lawyer onboard very early on.

Also, it’s important to note that motorcycle riders have the same right to the road as the rest of us, although many times they’re overlooked; people don’t pay attention, don’t look as closely as they should for motorcycles. And so, there’s sort of an inherent bias against people who are on motorcycles, even though they have the same rights to the road as the rest of us.

So having an advocate on your side, having an experienced lawyer to look into all the various issues that arise is very important. If you need a lawyer to help you with your motorcycle wreck, please give us a call. Our number is 901-680-9777, or you can reach us on the web at baileygreer.com.