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Distracted Driving Laws in Tennessee

The distracted driving laws in Tennessee have been around for a long time, but it seems like more recently with cellphones and texting, and things like that, the drivers are becoming more and more distracted. So the simple law in Tennessee is that you have to pay attention to the roadway. And if you are on a phone call, or you’re looking down at a text message, or you’re fiddling with the radio, or whatever the case may be, you’re distracted, you’re not devoting full time and attention to the road, and if you cause a wreck, then you’re responsible. One of the projects that I’ve been involved in, in the past couple of years, is a project called End Distracted Driving. And I go around to high schools across Shelby County, and I will give presentations to high school students to teach them of the dangers of distracted driving. How you can impact others, how dangerous it is, how many people are affected, and I give the kids some tools that they can use to try to prevent distracted driving in the future.

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