Bailey and Greer: Serving Memphis for More Than 25 Years

At Bailey & Greer, we serve people like you. People who need help, guidance and someone they can trust.

We offer legal services to people whose lives have been shattered by the pain that catastrophic injuries or wrongful death can cause. And when you add in the emotional and financial stresses, such as difficult insurance companies, costly medical bills and loss of income, these tragedies can turn your life upside down.

We represent families devastated by the present and long-term effects of birth injury.

Tragically injured hospital patients and their loved ones who want to hold the healthcare industry accountable for its actions.

Injured workers who struggle to pay household bills because an insurance company denies them worker’s compensation coverage.

Individuals who suffer brain injury or permanent disability because of an auto accident with an uninsured driver, while their own insurance company refuses to pay their medical bills.

Nursing home patients who suffer bedsores, injuries or even premature death because of negligent care at their nursing homes.

Citizens who suffer severe and unnecessary injuries at the hands of law enforcement.

If one of these sounds like you, Bailey & Greer is the advocate you’ve been looking for. We’ll put ourselves in your shoes, see your problems as you do and be the legal team you can lean on and count on.