What if I was injured on a four-wheeler?

If you’re injured on a four wheeler or an ATV, depending on the facts, there’s various avenues that you can pursue in terms of recovery. So one would be if you’re a passenger on an ATV, you may have a claim against the driver of the ATV. And it can become complicated as to whether or not that person has insurance coverage and some auto policies will cover that and some will not.

The other kind of claim that you may have is a defective product claim against the manufacturer of the ATV. So we see things like a design defect or a manufacturer’s defect that can lead to things like rollovers, that can lead to issues with tires, with steering, with throttle systems.

So ATV wrecks are a very particular kind of injury where you need a very experienced lawyer to look into all the various avenues of recovery. If you have been hurt in an ATV injury, please give us a call.

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