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Choose a Memphis Personal Injury Law Firm that Cares

One lesson that life teaches us is to expect the unexpected.  And when an unexpected accident, injury, or other catastrophic event disrupts your life and puts your future in jeopardy, you need the best attorney in Memphis. At Bailey & Greer, our number-one goal is to smooth out the rough spots on the very bumpy road you are traveling.  We pride ourselves on:

  • Our personal service to our clients.
  • Our outstanding team of personal injury trial attorneys.
  • Our knowledge, experience, and track record of successfully handling all types of personal injury cases
  • Helping our potential and current clients learn about and participate in their cases.

Bailey & Greer 6256 Poplar Avenue, Memphis TN.  The memphis medical malpractice attorneys and Tennessee birth injury lawyers at Bailey & Greer provide excellent representation to their clients.We always have time for you.

Our excellent reputation is based on the fact that we always put our clients first. When you choose us to represent you, you will always be able to speak to a lawyer. And the same lawyer will be your point of contact throughout your case, start to finish. We are also proud of our courteous, knowledgeable office team, which includes a full-time nurse.

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While the expertise of our entire team will be at your disposal, you can always count on personal attention. We are professional, warm, and small enough to treat each client as an individual, and we are known for making a difference in people's lives. You can reach us at our Memphis office toll free at 888-470-9143 for more information.  You can also make an appointment to meet us in our Nashville office.

Cases We Accept

  1. Car accidents, truck wrecks, and motorcycle crashes
  2. Medical malpractice and nursing home neglect
  3. Wrongful death cases
  4. Legal malpractice cases
  5. Serious personal injury cases
  6. Brain and head injuries
  7. Back and neck injury cases
  8. Injuries caused by defective products or dangerous drugs

We are different from our competitors.

At Bailey & Greer, we take only a limited number of serious injury, wrongful death, and professional malpractice cases. By doing so, we have the knowledge and resources to hold those liable for your injury responsible, and we are not afraid to go to trial. While some law firms work to settle, we work to get the best possible result for you. We have the experience and financial resources to carry each and every case to trial.  We have been involved in numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements, including birth injury, medical malpractice, premises liability and auto accident cases.

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We look past your injuries and into the future.

Right now you may be feeling confused, upset, and maybe even alone. After a catastrophic injury occurs, the world sometimes seems not to care. The medical bills and daily expenses of life can pile up while you are putting so much energy into just trying to get better or support a loved one.

At Bailey & Greer, we understand both the emotional and physical turmoil that follows a traumatic event. But, we also understand that your future is the most important goal in the process. We can support you through the tough time you are having right now and guide you through the steps to a secure future.

We provide useful and free information to our website visitors

Most law firm websites only provide information about the firm's successes and achievements, but we try to provide our visitors with useful and free information about personal injury and medical malpractice law.  Please browse our informative legal videos, read our Tennessee personal injury blog, or browse frequently asked questions of common legal issues.

Free consultation and you pay nothing unless we recover funds

Call us today toll free at 888-470-9143 to schedule your first step to recovery. We will provide you with a copy of our free books and set up a free consultation to discuss your case.  You pay no fee unless we obtain a verdict or settlement.

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Click on one of our Practice Areas to Learn More:

Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice suits are brought against doctors, hospitals, and other medical entities. From errors in surgery to misdiagnosis, many times the cure becomes more dangerous than the cause.

Birth Injuries Birth Injuries

The birth of a new baby is usually one of life's most profound joys. But when newborns are injured in the birth process, the joy can turn quickly to worry and grief. Most families need a helping hand at such a time.

Auto Accidents Auto Accidents

Almost every person will be involved in at least one auto accident in his life. While the lucky may walk away, many serious injuries and even death can result. When an auto accident occurs, don't look for us behind the ambulance. We handle the more serious traffic injuries and strive to help our client get his or her life back on track.

Truck Accidents Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks cause a growing number of traffic injuries and fatalities each year. Questions of liability include driver fatigue, truck maintenance, trucking company hiring practices, and substance abuse.

Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycle Accidents

Even though Tennessee has a helmet law, many motorcyclists are injured on our roadways. Often, the injured motorcycle rider is not seen by other drivers and gets cut off, pushed aside,or even flipped, causing severe and sometimes catastrophic injuries.

Nursing Home Abuse Nursing Home Abuse

When a loved one must rely on the care of others, we expect that care will be loving and competent. Yet, all too often, our elders are mistreated and abused by others. This travesty must be stopped.

Wrongful Death Wrongful Death

Wrongful death can occur for many reasons. Traffic accidents, medical mistakes, abuse, and neglect can all end in death. When a person is wronged and ends up dying, his or her loved ones have the right to get compensation from the negligent.

Premises Liability Premises Liability

Premises liability cases can be serious. For example, when Memphis landlords offer poorly built and maintained property to their tenants and fires and injuries are a result, litigation may be necessary.

Legal Malpractice Legal Malpractice

Sometimes the legal profession must police itself. When an attorney or law firm is negligent and a client is wronged, the client is entitled to recoup his or her losses.

Workers' Compensation Workers' Compensation

Tennessee workers' compensation law affects every single person that wakes up and goes to work on a daily basis.  If you are hurt on the job, you may have a worker's compensation claim against an employer.

Drugs and Medical Devices Drugs and Medical Devices

Victims who are injured by defective medical devices and drugs have the right to file a lawsuit to recover for medical bills, lost wages and the loss of enjoyment of life. Defective drug and device cases are complex, and you should only hire a law firm with substantial experience and the financial resources to take on these major corporations.

Whistleblower Actions Whistleblower Actions

Tennessee, like every other state, has its share of illegal business, private organization and government practices. For some, the temptation to cheat is just too overwhelming, and the result is a huge cost to the American public and government.

That is why federal and state whistleblower laws encourage you to “blow the whistle” on illegal activities and violations by offering you protection and a share of the money recovered. Visit this page to find our what your rights are as a whistleblower and how to right a wrong.