Why Is It Important to Hire an Attorney after a Tractor-Trailer Wreck?

It’s important to hire an attorney after a tractor-trailer wreck for lots of reasons. The first reason is that tractor-trailer wrecks are more likely to seriously injure somebody because of their weight and their size and their speed. You’re talking about an 80,000 thousand pound vehicle out on the roadway, so even at slow speeds they can do a tremendous amount of damage.

Tractor-trailer companies and their insurance companies – they have response teams, and so if there’s a serious wreck within an hour or two hours they will oftentimes have insurance adjusters, lawyers, accident reconstructionist on the scene: taking pictures, asking questions, doing everything they can to defend the case and to avoid responsibility if possible.

So the sooner you hire a lawyer the better. Hiring a lawyer can allow you to put the insurance company on notice to maintain records, maintain documents, maintain electronic computer systems that are maintained on trucks. So it’s just a way to level the playing field a little bit. You’re never going to be able to get a lawyer onto the scene as fast as the trucking companies do, but certainly hiring a lawyer at the very first opportunity is going to be very important to your case. So if you’ve been hurt in a truck wreck and you have questions, or you need help, please call us at 901-680-9777 or you can look into us on the web at baileygreer.com.