What Are the Benefits of Settling a Case Out of Court?

What are the benefits of settling a case out of court?

Well, the immediate benefit is that your case is over, and you have accepted an amount of money – whether you’re satisfied with it or not – but the case is over, and you get money to resolve your case. Whereas, if you continue on to trial it may be months, sometimes it may be years before you reach the trial.

With respect to settling the case, really the thing that we tell our clients is, look at it whether or not you think you would get a higher verdict. If you think you would get a higher verdict or we feel like it’s probable that you would get more at trial, then we’re going to recommend a trial. If we feel like the settlement is more than what you would get at trial, we’re going to recommend that.

A lot of times there’s a gray area, and in those situations, we’re going to lay out both sides to the client. We’re not going to put pressure on the client to take a lowball offer or go to trial. We’re going to give you the advice you need, give you the information that you need, and allow you to make that decision.

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