Tennessee Wrongful Death: Who is to Blame?

When a wrongful death occurs in Tennessee, other people besides the victim suffer. Family members may experience financial problems and emotional devastation. For these reasons and more, Tennessee law provides the bereaved with the legal right to sue those responsible.

Wrongful death can happen anywhere, anytime. Car accidents, faulty products, medical mistakes, and safety violations at work can all result in someone dying before his or her time. And, although no one wanted the deceased to die, the responsibility for taking care of the victim’s family lies with the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Whose fault is it?

Wrongful death lawsuits commonly arise due to negligence (or sometimes even intentional acts) that cause harm to surviving family members. These cases are filed against individual people, companies, employees, and government agencies. Here are a few examples of who could be sued in certain instances:

  • In a fatal car crash, another driver, an employer of the other driver, the builder of a bad roadway, a government agency that failed to mark a hazardous condition, or even the manufacturer of a car could all be sued.
  • In a fatal accident in a factory, the employer, other employees, or an equipment manufacturer could all be liable.
  • In a hospital, doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, surgeons, members of the hospital administration, or equipment manufacturers could all have been responsible.
  • In a wrongful death at home, product manufacturers, pharmacists, medical personnel, electricians, and other workers are among the possible causes for the death.

Proving fault

Most likely, if your family member has been wrongfully killed, you already know, or at least strongly suspect, who was at fault. But even if you are very certain what happened, proving it is another thing. Insurers who do nothing but try to get rid of you when you complain or ask questions represent most individuals and companies.

Too often, those most deserving of wrongful death damages get little or nothing for their losses. They may be manipulated by an unscrupulous insurance company, be unable to confirm their suspicions, or choose an attorney too wiling to settle.

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