Property Owner Negligence in Memphis Can Cause Serious Injury

When you’re on the property of a business or an individual, you expect to stay safe. But when the property owner’s negligence results in you unexpectedly suffering a severe injury, the consequences that follow can be difficult to take. Lost income, medical bills and increased stress are just a few of the problems you now face. And they’re problems you never deserved.

Fortunately, at Bailey & Greer, you have someone on your side. That’s because we pride ourselves on treating our clients like the people they are. People with mortgages, bills and families that depend on them.

And when it comes to premises liability, the attorneys at Bailey & Greer have the expertise, experience and resources you need to get the compensation you deserve. That’s because we know how to build successful cases that hold businesses and individuals responsible for their negligence.

If you’ve been injured because a property owner, landlord or tenant failed to keep the property safe from unreasonably dangerous conditions, it’s vital to talk to an experienced premises liability lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer like you’ll find at Bailey & Greer.

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