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Protecting Patients Injured by Defective IVC Filters in West Tennessee

Help for victims hurt by Recovery blood clot filters in Memphis, Jackson and beyond

When you suffer an injury that causes you to bleed, your blood coagulates – or clots – to prevent you from bleeding out. Sometimes, however, these masses form for other reasons, and that is when they pose the most danger. IVC filters are supposed to stop blood clots from traveling around your body, and hundreds of thousands of patients have used them successfully. But now a link between the defective C.R. Bard Recovery IVC filter and the deaths and injuries of people around the country has been made, and it appears that the company knew about the risks and problems all along.

At Bailey & Greer, PLLC, we refuse to allow manufacturers to put their profits ahead of the people they serve. Our experienced West Tennessee defective product litigators have the skills, experience and resources to handle complex medical device litigation on behalf of clients in Memphis, Jackson and throughout the state. If you were hurt or lost a loved one to a defective Recovery IVC filter, we want to fight for you.

What are IVC filters?

IVC is short for “inferior vena cava;” it is a type of filter inserted into the vein right below your kidney to prevent blood clots from traveling. They are usually implanted when a patient cannot take blood thinners. They work by “catching” clots that are traveling along the bloodstream and hold them there. Eventually, the clots will break up on their own. A surgeon will then remove the IVC filter when it is no longer needed.

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Dangers associated with the Recovery blood clot filter

The Recovery filter by C.R. Bard is one of three blood clot filters that they make. It is a retrievable filter, which means it is designed for short-term use. These retrievable filters, however, are associated with a number of serious problems:

  • Device migration, meaning the actual filter travels along the blood stream
  • Device fracture, which means that pieces of the device can break off into the bloodstream
  • Failure to prevent clots from moving through the blood, often caused by device migration
  • Organ or vein perforation by the device itself or by traveling bits of the product
  • Device embolization, where parts of the IVC filter detach from the whole

In some cases, patients have had to undergo open-heart surgery to ensure their survival; in the most tragic scenarios, patients have died as a result of a defect in the product.

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in 2010 and an updated warning in 2014 about the potential dangers associated with Recovery IVC filters manufactured by C.R. Bard. Class action lawsuits are now starting around the country, alleging that the manufacturer knew that the product was dangerous and/or defective, and that C.R. Bard failed to recall the Recovery filter in a timely manner, and also failed to issue an appropriate warning about the potential dangers.

How Bailey & Greer can help

Bailey & Greer is one of the leading defective medical product litigation law firms in West Tennessee. We have devoted our lives to protecting injured patients in Memphis, Jackson and beyond, and we understand the complexities and challenges associated with class-action lawsuits and multi-district litigation suits. We have the resources, the skills and the experience to handle these multifaceted cases, and offer our clients comprehensive and aggressive representation. We do not back down when your future and your family’s security is on the line. That is why so many people in West Tennessee trust us to protect them after a serious injury.

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C.R. Bard’s Recovery-brand IVC filter has been linked to the deaths of 27 people so far, and that number could be growing. At Bailey & Greer, PLLC, we hold companies like them responsible for their actions, and demand that our clients be treated with dignity and respect. If you or your loved one suffered harm because of a defective blood clot filter, we want to help. Please call 901-680-9777 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment with a dedicated West Tennessee defective product attorney. We maintain offices in Memphis and Jackson so that we are always nearby when you need us.

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