The Grief Process and Tennessee Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one because of another’s negligence can be one of the most painful and devastating experiences life can bring. As middle Tennessee wrongful death lawyers, we know exactly how emotionally trying a wrongful death can be.

When a family member dies, the whole family grieves. But when the death was unnecessary, caused by the mistakes of others, the grief becomes infused with justifiable anger.

Grief is a normal emotion anyone experiences when he or she has suffered the loss of a loved one through death. Grief can have prolonged and/or acute effects on the person suffering a loss including:

  • Some form of an anxiety disorder. About 40% of those losing a loved one will experience anxiety-related illness within the first year following the death.
  • Unusual stress. Survivors can become severely stressed by the loss and, because stress can be tough on the physical self, most people can use some help.
  • Grief triggers. A favorite shared song, a special holiday or a favorite shared place can all trigger a strong grief reaction in the bereaved.

Most people will recover from these effects over time, but that does not minimize the problems they can cause in the meantime.

There are five recognized stages of grief identified by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book,On Death and Dying, published in 1969. These stages have become a standard for many grief counselors. It is important to note that they may not occur in the order given, and some people will not experience one or more of them. The five stages are:

  1. Denial. A difficulty accepting that the loss has really occurred.
  2. Anger. A phase in which the survivor blames the loss on others.
  3. Bargaining. A wish to have more time with the loved one.
  4. Depression. Getting in touch with just how sad the survivor is at the loss.
  5. Acceptance. A final step indicating some resolution and the ability to go on.

Working through these stages is key to getting on with a normal life, but when the loss is due to wrongful death, or negligence on the part of others, the anger phase can last much longer and be much more hurtful.

For this reason, you should really consider hiring an attorney to represent you and your loved one. The middle Tennessee wrongful death lawyers at Bailey & Greer can help. We have the experience, compassion and courtroom savvy to help you move through the anger phase by resolving the most upsetting issue of all.

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