Five Reasons for Tennessee Truck Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Being involved in an accident with a big rig semi can be one of the most devastating of all Tennessee road accidents. Of the 3,446 truck drivers who were involved in fatal crashes in 2010, about a third were cited by the police for “driver-related factors”. The rest of the big truck crashes had a variety of other causes.

Generally, our nation’s truckers do a good job and are statistically safer drivers than passenger vehicle drivers. So, what goes wrong when a big truck crashes? Here is a list of the top five causes for Tennessee truck accidents:

1. Driver Error: Since a majority of big rig crashes are caused by drivers’ mistakes, this must top our list. The use of over-the counter drugs, fatigue, distraction, speeding and/or unfamiliarity with the road can all cause truck accidents. However, the most common of all these is simply being tired, usually caused by sleep deprivation.

2. Mechanical Failures: Second on our list, equipment problems include both manufacturing defects and design errors. Tire blowouts, brake failure, poor or defective steering, improperly attached trailers, lighting problems and poorly secured or unstable loads are just some of the kinds of mechanical failures that cause large trucks to crash.

3. Weather Conditions: A much less frequent cause, bad weather causes about 3% of all trucking accidents. A sudden snow or rainstorm, blowing dust, and icy or slick conditions can all cause a truck driver to lose control of his vehicle.

4. Roadway Problems: This catch all term refers to the many unforeseen or unsafe conditions that can exist on any roadway and affect any driver. But when large trucks are involved, the danger is even greater. Poorly marked construction zones, debris in the roadway, unrepaired highways and lack of proper signage are all accidents waiting to happen.

5. Traffic Signal Failures: Occasionally semi truck accidents are caused by missing or unrepaired traffic signals.

When Tennessee truck accidents do happen, no matter what the cause, serious injury and even death can occur. Whether the trucking company, the driver, the owner or a manufacturer is at fault, you need to contact a top Tennessee truck accident lawyer if it happens to you.

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