Are All Birth Injuries Permanent?

When a child is injured at birth, their parents are likely to wonder whether the injury is permanent, or whether their baby will make a full or partial recovery from it. Some birth injuries, like cerebral palsy, are permanent and will require special care throughout the injured child’s lifetime as they grow and develop. Fortunately, there are other birth injuries which may fully or partially heal with proper treatment and the passage of time.

The best person to ask about whether your baby will be able to recover from his or her birth injury is a doctor who specializes in the care of individuals who have that particular condition. A doctor who has seen many cases involving babies who were injured in a similar manner may be able to evaluate the severity of your child’s birth injury and create a treatment plan which will help you to give your baby the best chance at making a full or partial recovery.

Some types of birth injuries can heal fairly quickly, such as bruises, collarbone fractures, broken blood vessels in the eyes, and even facial paralysis. Erb’s palsy, which results from nerve damage caused by shoulder dystocia, can be permanent in severe cases. If the loss of nerve function occurs because of swelling, pressure, or bruising, the condition may disappear as the nerves regain functionality.

Brachial plexus injuries are not always permanent. The likelihood that a baby will recover from a brachial plexus injury is directly related to how severe the original injury was. When a baby is born with a minor brachial plexus injury, they have a greater chance of recovering from it than a baby whose brachial plexus injury is severe. Ask a brachial plexus injury specialist about whether there are any things like exercises or stretches that you can do to help your baby, as well as whether there are any motions or positions that you should avoid.

Newborn jaundice is not, in and of itself, a permanent condition. However, if it is not treated quickly and properly, it can lead to brain damage and, in some cases, to cerebral palsy. Screening for jaundice within a few days of birth is standard medical procedure for all babies. Also, if parents notice any signs of jaundice, including refusing the bottle or breast for more than two consecutive feedings, a yellowish tint to the skin, or lethargy and difficulty in being awakened, they should immediately notify their health care providers so that treatment can begin at once.

Unfortunately, some birth injuries are permanent. As mentioned above, cerebral palsy is a condition which remains with an affected individual for his or her lifetime. In situations where a baby receives too little oxygen during labor and delivery, brain damage may result. Unfortunately, this type of damage is not reversible and may result in lifelong challenges for the child.

Whether your child’s birth injury is temporary or permanent, they may be entitled to damages if their injury was caused by medical negligence. To learn more about filing a claim for damages resulting from a birth injury, call the experienced Memphis Birth Injury Attorneys at Bailey & Greer, PLLC. We can answer your questions, explain your options, and help you decide how to proceed. Call us today, at (888) 470-9143 to schedule a time to discuss your case. At Bailey & Greer, PLLC, we are small enough to care, big enough to fight, and experienced enough to win.

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