When Ethics Are Ignored: Tennessee Legal Malpractice

You hire a lawyer to protect and uphold your rights. And the least you can expect is that he or she will take both your case and the Tennessee ethical codes for attorneys very seriously, right?

Not always. Sometimes attorneys do not act ethically, and the results can be devastating. When a legal professional acts in a negligent manner and this causes his or her client to suffer, legal malpractice has occurred. If it happens to you, it may be a good idea to consult a Middle Tennessee legal malpractice lawyer.

Tennessee Ethical “Rules” for Attorneys

Let’s take a look at some of the “Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct”. This document provides a list of ethical standards for an attorney who represents you. Here are some of these rules. Your attorney should:

  • Provide competent representation, which includes knowledge, skill and reasonable preparation for your case.
  • Act on your authorization. The client should always be consulted and be given final approval of all decisions made in your case.
  • Charge reasonable fees. In short, you should be fully informed about how the fees will be charged, preferably in writing. Regular fee statements should be issued and there are some rules for how fees are figured.
  • Keep your case confidential. A lawyer should not share details of your case without your permission except in very rare instances.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest. There are rules about transacting business with clients and what clients your lawyer can represent, depending on your best interests.
  • Always act in accordance with the law. Any lawyer should keep all his or her doings legal, professionally and personally.

According to the “Tennessee Rules” for lawyers, your legal representative is ethically responsible for having a knowledge of the law, using skill in applying this knowledge to a specific case and preparing your case thoroughly. And in doing this, he or she should use “wisdom, ethical conduct and integrity, and dedication to justice and the public good”.

If you have been the victim of a lawyer who has violated his or her ethical responsibilities and harmed you, get some help. At Bailey & Greer, you will find ethical, dedicated and talented legal professionals. Call us toll-free at 901-680-9777 with your questions about legal malpractice. We can make it right.