Eight Common Causes for Memphis Wrongful Death Lawsuits

When you lose a loved one, the pain can be intense and unrelenting. But if the loss was caused by negligence on someone else’s part, anger joins the mix and makes it even harder for the surviving loved ones to cope with their loss. Often these survivors turn to Tennessee wrongful death lawsuits to help them recover, both financially and emotionally.

Wrongful deaths can happen any time and any place, for almost any reason you can imagine. But there are some more common causes for these senseless tragedies. In fact, most of the practice areas on our website cover the commonest causes for wrongful death in Tennessee. Here are these areas with explanations of how each one can lead to wrongful death:

  1. Medical Malpractice: When doctors and other medical personnel make mistakes, the loss of human life can be the result. Surgical errors, incorrect diagnosis or delayed diagnosis and anesthesia mistakes are all types of medical malpractice.
  2. Birth Injuries: While rare, injuries caused by mistakes made before, during and after the birth of a child can end in wrongful death. When a nurse fails to notify a doctor that a baby is in distress, the oxygen supply is cut off, or the head is injured during birth, the child is in danger of death.
  3. Auto Accidents: Every year more than 40,000 Americans die in car crashes each year. While there are many causes for these accidents, defects in the automobile’s mechanics, dangerous road conditions and poorly marked roadways are only a few causes that would indicate wrongful death.
  4. Truck Accidents: Of all traffic fatalities, those involving semi trucks can be some of the most devastating. In 2006, almost 5,000 people were killed in large truck accidents. This is about 11% of all traffic fatalities. Worn tires, poor driving, overloading and load shifting can all lead to the worst on our highways.
  5. Motorcycle Accidents: Because bikes are smaller, traveling on two wheels instead of four or more, and leave riders relatively unprotected, accidents are often fatal. If another driver was negligent or there is an equipment failure, a wrongful death suit may be in order.
  6. Nursing Home Abuse: When our oldest citizens, who should be the most revered, are instead abused, a true wrong has been committed. And when these vulnerable loved ones die as a result of abuse, there is no better example of wrongful death.
  7. Premises Liability: The sidewalk is icy, the pavement is damaged, security and/or lighting are inadequate, excavations are left open, or objects fall and hit someone. Every one of these problems can lead to a wrongful death all because a property owner did not make sure his premises were safe for others.
  8. Drugs and Medical Devices: Drug errors, medical devices that are allowed to remain in unsafe condition, and any medical devise or drug that has been approved by the FDA without proper testing can result in wrongful death to the patients who trust they are receiving the best of care.

Wrongful deaths can occur for all of the above reasons and more. If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a very just cause for bringing suit against the offending party.

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