How to Choose the Best Tennessee Personal Injury Lawyer

When you or a loved one has been injured, the first thing on your mind is the physical recovery process. Dealing with ambulances, emergency rooms, doctors, and nurses can be frightening and overwhelming.

But once the initial shock wears off, you may begin to think about why this injury occurred, whose fault it was, and how you are going to pay the bills. At this point, it may be time to consider hiring an attorney to help you. How do you choose the best one?

  • Be sure your attorney is experienced in the courtroom. Not all lawyers are alike. Some are referred to as “ambulance chasers” and take cases simply to pick up quick cash by settling cases out of court for less than they are really worth.
  • Get referrals from friends, relatives, and co-workers. People you know and see on a regular basis can tell you how an attorney works, if he or she is competent, if your calls will be answered quickly, and about the overall attitude of the firm.
  • If you have a lawyer for other needs, ask him or her for referrals. Call and ask the lawyer who handled your will if he knows of a good personal injury lawyer. Because they work in the legal profession in the same area, other lawyers know the reputations of their colleagues.
  • Find out right away about the fee policy. Will you be charged for the initial consultation? How are your charges figured? Be sure you have the fee agreement in writing.
  • Make an appointment to meet your prospective personal injury lawyer. When you arrive, evaluate the office itself, the staff, and trust your instincts. Is this someplace you can spend time? When you sit down with the attorney, do you feel welcomed? Important?And do not be afraid to ask questions. Has he or she handled other cases like yours? What were the outcomes?

If you feel at ease with your prospective lawyer, have heard good things about him, and feel that you have a clear understanding of what costs you will encounter, then you have probably found the right person.

At Bailey & Greer, we believe that a visit to our office will help make your decision much easier. Our integrity and compassion, combined with an experienced and focused team, make us the right choice for many clients. If we decide to take your case, you will receive some of the best legal representation available in the Memphis area.

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