When Brain Injuries Occur, You Have an Advocate.

When it comes to a brain injury, everyone suffers. That’s because brain trauma doesn’t just affect the victim, it also impacts that victim’s loved ones. Whether it’s providing lifelong care, struggling to make ends meet because of unpaid medical bills and lost income, or dealing with the victim’s potentially drastic personality changes, a brain injury can cause a lifetime of sacrifice.

Fortunately, the attorneys at Bailey & Greer have the experience, expertise and resources you need to get the financial support you deserve.

Proving brain injury in the courtroom is a notoriously difficult task. However, thanks to our successful track record, we know how to build successful cases to prove brain trauma, its severity and its negative effects on victims and their loved ones.

How do we do it? Well, it starts with our connections. We maintain relationships with renowned medical professionals and investigators who are familiar with brain injury cases. These brain experts then help us build our case through testing and evaluations to find the true extent of brain damage. This evidence allows us to work together with you to determine the proper amount of compensation you deserve for your financial and emotional damages.

So, combine those invaluable resources with our 25-plus years of experience and expertise and it’s no wonder we’ve netted millions of dollars for our clients over the years.

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