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Spinal cord injuries are among the most catastrophic types of injury an accident victim can experience. Patients often undergo a complete change of life circumstances, as well as endure medical treatment and physical therapy for the rest of their lives. Many spend a lifetime dealing with chronic pain and the side effects that come with a spinal cord injury.

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, there are over 17,500 spinal cord injury cases each year. This number does not include fatalities. The leading cause of spinal injury is a car crash. The second leading cause is falls from heights. Construction accidents and product defects can also cause spinal cord damage.

Former clients as well as the legal community at large respect the Little Rock spinal cord injury lawyers at Bailey & Greer, PLLC, for their ability to successfully prepare, negotiate, and try a personal injury case. Sadler Bailey, a founding partner, has obtained numerous multimillion-dollar results for the victims of catastrophic injuries and their families.

What is the spinal cord?

The spinal cord and the brain make up the central nervous system. The spinal cord is a long bundle of nerves that runs from the brain down through the back. It protects the 33 vertebrae of the neck, thoracic region, and the back. It sends nerve signals throughout the body, and it’s responsible for walking, motor movements, and pain management.

What are spinal cord injuries?

A spinal cord injury occurs when the cord itself is damaged. The result is often a partial or full paralysis. In a broader sense, spinal cord injuries also include damage to the vertebrae. If all four limbs are paralyzed, the result is called quadriplegia. If the legs are paralyzed, but not the arms, the result is called paraplegia. Quadriplegia is also called tetraplegia.

There are many complications from spinal cord injuries, including:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Bladder and bowel complications
  • Chronic pain
  • Respiratory disease
  • Low blood pressure

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Types of spinal cord injury cases we handle in Little Rock

Businesses and individuals are generally held liable for spinal cord injuries for two reasons: negligence and strict liability. If the driver of a car, truck, motorcycle, bus, or any other vehicle speeds, runs through a red light, or violates any traffic law, they can be held liable due to their negligence. Driving carelessly and causing a car accident are grounds for holding drivers liable.

Property owners who fail to repair broken tiles, loose stairway railings, or warn customers of slippery falls can also be required to pay damages under the principle of premises liability.

If a defective product caused the accident, then the manufacturers of the product can be held liable if their product was defective, the defect caused the accident, and the accident caused the spinal cord injury. Common examples of product defects that have caused or may cause an accident include defective vehicle parts. Devices that should protect workers such as scaffolds and ladders that are defective can cause workers to fall. Workers can file product liability claims even if they are injured at work. Users of any electronic product that explodes or causes a fall can also be held liable.

Medical care required for spinal cord injuries

Experienced spinal cord injury lawyers work with a full range of medical doctors to understand just how severe and traumatic your injuries or the injuries of a loved one are.

Some of the initial symptoms of a spinal cord injury, according to American Nurse Today, include:

  • Extreme pain or pressure in the neck, head, or back
  • Tingling or sensation loss in the hands, fingers, feet, or toes
  • Partial or complete loss of control over any body part
  • Urinary or bowel urgency, incontinence, or retention
  • Difficulty with balance and walking
  • Impaired breathing
  • Abnormal bandlike sensations in the thorax with pain and pressure
  • Unusual lumps on the head or spine

Best practices for a spinal cord injury (SCI) include a CT scan. MRIs may also help.

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What kinds of spinal cord injury treatment are available for Little Rock victims?

Treatment for a spinal cord injury (SCI) usually beings with the paramedics or ER team who first address any life-threatening problems. Many patients require traction to help bring the spine into proper alignment and restore blood flow to the injured area.

Spinal cord injury victims usually require some or all of the following types of care:

  • Nursing care to monitor heart function, blood pressure, or infections
  • Respiratory management
  • Cardiac care
  • GI care for bowel and bladder problems
  • Musculoskeletal care
  • Dermatology care
  • Neurological care
  • Psychological care
  • Rehabilitative care including occupational and physical therapy
  • Speech language pathology
  • Pastoral care
  • Medical nutrition
  • Spasticity management

In addition, many SCI patients require expensive chairs and equipment to help them function better, vehicles that allow them to drive depending on the severity of the SCI, education to relearn many things they’ve lost due to the injury, elder care, and other types of care.

Family members often also require psychological care to deal with the long-term consequences of helping someone who is often partially or full paralyzed.

The Arkansas Spinal Cord Commission offers a wide array of resources for victims, families, and caregivers:

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