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Motorcycles are fast, nimble machines that give their riders a chance to have an adventure or have an economical mode of transportation to and from work. But motorcycles offer no protection for their riders in case of a crash with another vehicle. Because they are not protected by a steel cage like passengers in other vehicle are, a motorcycle rider is more prone to serious injuries in a collision.

At the Little Rock personal injury law firm of Bailey & Greer PLLC, our motorcycle accident lawyers are here to protect your right to recover compensation when you have been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else's negligence. We are aware that some insurance companies believe that simply riding a motorcycle is reckless and therefore, an injured rider does not deserve as much compensation as an injured passenger in a car accident might get. But you can rely on us to fight aggressively on your behalf to recover the compensation you need.

$4.5 Million Verdict for Fatal Motorcycle Accident Case

Bailey & Greer, PLLC secured a significant jury verdict in a fatal motorcycle accident claim in Little Rock, AK. Partner Thomas Greer, along with associate Baker Yates, represented the family and obtained a jury verdict of $4.5 million. Deliberations took less than 90 minutes.

Arkansas motorcycle helmet laws

Arkansas is one of the 28 states in the U.S that has a partial motorcycle helmet law, which applies only to riders age 20 and younger. Sometimes, motorcycle riders question the usefulness of helmets, but the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that motorcycle helmets decrease the likelihood of death and brain injuries in a crash. An NHTSA study found that helmets reduce the risk of death by 37-42 percent.

If you are carrying a passenger on your motorcycle, your bike must have a passenger seat, and he or she must be age 8 or older.

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Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Motorcycles are light, fast and nimble machines which makes them easier to maneuver in and out of traffic, but their small size and ability to move quickly can also make them easier to miss than larger motor vehicles. Drivers often mention after a collision with a motorcycle that they never saw the bike. Some of the common types of motorcycle accidents include:

  •  Left turning vehicles. If a driver does not take just a few seconds to look carefully beside and behind their vehicle before making a left-hand turn, the results could be disastrous if a motorcycle is approaching the intersection on their left.
  • Unsafe lane changes. Similarly, if a driver does not check their blind spot before changing lanes, they could inadvertently cut off a motorcyclist.
  • Drunk driving. Alcohol impairment is a common cause of many traffic crashes. Alcohol impairs a driver’s judgement, alertness and increases the time it takes to react to changes, which increases the chances of getting into a crash. · Distracted driving. Drivers don’t always see motorcycle riders, even when they are paying attention. A distracted driver can cross into a lane, fail to stop on time, or clip a rider with a side mirror.
  •  Speeding. The faster a vehicle is moving, the more severe the impact in a crash and the more serious the injuries.
  • Car doors opening. If the occupants of a vehicle parked on a street do not look before opening their door, they could obstruct the path of an oncoming motorcyclist and cause serious injuries. · Dangerous road conditions. Uneven pavement, crumbling asphalt, potholes, debris and other obstacles can create dangerous conditions for motorcyclists.
  • Defective motorcycle parts. If you are injured in an accident that was caused by a mechanical defect, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

Injuries from motorcycle accidents

Because a motorcycle offers no protection for the rider from the impact of being hit by a vehicle and then hitting the ground, a motorcyclist is likely to suffer far more serious injuries than a passenger in a vehicle would sustain in the same crash.

  • Road rash is a common motorcycle injury crash. Road rash is an abrasive burn injury that occurs when the skin is dragged across a rough surface such as the asphalt or concrete of a roadway. There are three degrees of road rash. A first-degree injury can be treated with first aid, a second-degree road rash injury has bleeding broken skin, and a third-degree injury is severe with the skin having been scraped away leaving the layers of muscle tissue and fat exposed, bleeding and prone to infection.
  • Head injuries and brain injuries. If a motorcyclist is hit at high speed or by a large vehicle, they can suffer serious head injuries such as a fractured skull or a traumatic brain injury, which can cause lifelong disabilities.
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What damages can I recover for my motorcycle accident injury?

Before you can recover compensation for your injuries and other losses in your motorcycle accident injury claim, you will first be required to prove that the negligence of the at-fault party was responsible for causing the crash where you were injured.

You and your Little Rock motorcycle accident lawyer will decide whether a settlement will bring about a satisfactory result, or if you need to take the case to trial to receive fair compensation. Once you have proven their liability, you may receive either a settlement or if there was a trial, a jury verdict awarding you financial compensation for your injuries which might include the following types of damages:

  • Medical costs for past, present and future medical care related to your accident injury.
  • Lost wages from the time you missed at work for hospital stays, medical appointments and recuperating at home.
  • Diminished earning capacity for permanent injuries that cause you to lose income.
  • Disability when you are unable to return to work because of the permanent effects of your injuries.
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Other losses

What can a Little Rock motorcycle accident lawyer do to help my injury case?

If you or someone you care about has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may have been advised by friends and loved ones to hire a good personal injury attorney. But you might be wondering what an attorney can do that you cannot do for yourself.

If you want to pursue compensation for your injuries and other losses, you will have to prove the other party’s negligence in causing the crash. This will require a thorough investigation of the accident to determine who is at fault. You will have to gather evidence related to the accident, request copies of your medical records, review them and develop a compelling case for holding the party at fault liable for your losses. You will then be required to go up against the corporate attorneys for the defendant’s insurance company and negotiate a settlement. If any of these things seem complicated or challenging to you, you’d be correct. Even seasoned attorneys hire other attorneys when they are facing a legal matter.

At Bailey & Greer, we have been protecting the rights of the injured since 1986. Our work is to fight for fair compensation for you, while you focus on getting better so that you can get back to your life.

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