How Does Lack of Inspection Lead to Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents can occur for a lot of different reasons, and poor maintenance is a common problem. When the vehicle is not properly and regularly inspected or maintained, it may not be in the best working condition, which will put everyone at risk. Not only does it put the driver of the truck at risk of getting into an accident, but it also puts other drivers and pedestrians at risk of getting hurt too.

Why regular inspections are important

The whole purpose of an inspection is to make sure that all the different components that keep a vehicle working are still in functioning condition. These components will eventually wear down and can stop working at a moment’s notice, causing a truck accident when the driver of the truck least expects it to happen.

Regular inspections can also identify defective or recalled parts. In September 2019, Paccar (a leading manufacturer of commercial trucks) recalled just over 100 of their 2019-2020 Peterbilt vehicles because of a welding error which could have led to a separation in the steering column. The same month, Daimler Trucks North America recalled a number of school buses for missing backup cameras, which put the vehicles in violation of federal law. In March of this year, a woman died when an 18-wheeler’s tires went flying 450 meters, and one of them hit the young woman. The cause of the accident was a missing part that locked the wheels in place

While an inspection may not have revealed the defective steering column or tire lock, it certainly would have revealed the missing cameras, just like it would reveal other flaws. Since most recalls don’t happen until after someone has reported the incident, trucking companies which demand regular inspections may be able to avoid putting their own drivers (and others) in danger merely before a recall is even issued.

What you should know about tire defects and blowouts

Of all the defective truck parts that lead to accidents, the tires are the easiest to spot – yet they are often the root cause of crashes. Tire blow outs can quickly and easily cause an accident on the road. If the driver of the truck is driving quickly when the tire blows, he or she can lose control of the vehicle and go crashing into other vehicles that are on the road.

If the tires are not properly aligned, they will need to be adjusted. If the pressure is low, additional air may be added to the tires. In some instances, the truck driver would need to have the damaged tires replaced with new ones if the tread was separating or the tire itself was compromised in some way. Failure to pay attention to the tires and properly maintain them can lead to accidents that are avoidable.

Truck drivers should take the best possible care of their vehicles by having them inspected and properly maintained on a routine basis. Proper maintenance can keep the truck in good condition while preventing serious accidents from occurring. Drivers must think of themselves and others when it comes to staying up-to-date with the maintenance of their vehicles. If they don’t, either they or the companies which own the trucks (or employ the drivers) could be held liable for your injuries in a truck accident.

Did you recently get into an accident with a truck driver?

The accident may have been caused by the driver or trucking company’s failure to properly maintain the vehicle. If you believe this is what happened, you need to have a lawyer who can perform an investigation and help you with your claim. At Bailey & Greer, PLLC, we are fully prepared to listen to your side of the story. To schedule your free consultation with a Little Rocky truck wreck lawyer, please call 501-213-1512 or complete the contact form on our website.

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