Unless the car wreck is very minor, meaning you don’t have any injuries or maybe you just have some bumps and bruises, you’re probably going to need a lawyer to handle your case. Those of you all from the Memphis area, you know how our roadways are. We have I-240 that circles the city; we have I-40 coming east and west; we have I-55 coming north and south, so we see a lot of wrecks that occur on our interstates. And we handle these kind of cases all the time. We handle truck wrecks, car wrecks, and everything in between.

Wrecks on the interstate also are typically high speed wrecks, and the injuries can be more serious, and often times we bring in accident reconstructionists and things like that to help us pursue the case.

So if you have been injured on any of the interstates around Memphis, Tennessee, please call Bailey & Greer. You can call us at 901-680-9777 or you can reach us on the web at baileygreer.com.