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What It’s Like to Work with an Injury Lawyer from Bailey & Greer?

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What It’s Like to Work with an Injury Lawyer from Bailey & Greer?

Over the past 30 years, Bailey & Greer, PLLC has helped a lot of injury victims in West Tennessee. We’ve handled complex car and truck claims, medical malpractice lawsuits, product liability claims, birth injury claims, and just about every type of injury claim there is. We have found clients often ask similar questions about the process of working with us, regardless of the type of cases they have. Today, R. Sadler Bailey answers a few of the more common questions we hear about what it’s like working with an injury lawyer from our firm.

Will I actually meet and work with a lawyer?

Yes, you will actually meet and work with a lawyer. We try to do things to be as efficient as possible, and so different stages require different people. First, you’ve got intake, and so there’s just basic information that we need on the front end. And so generally the paralegal will do that; then she’ll bring that to my attention. We’ll go over the details, determine what needs to be done to follow up, what questions I need to ask of the client.

There comes a point at which the lawyers are very involved. That’s generally what’s called the discovery phase. That’s where we’re getting information from a defendant. We’re giving information to them about the case. We’re preparing for things like depositions, trials – stuff like that.

Absolutely, there will be both lawyers, paralegals involved in your case.

Will you return phone calls and respond to emails?

That’s a good question because I understand that’s a big problem for a lot of law firms, a lot of lawyers. That’s the biggest criticism that clients have, and so we want to make sure that’s not a problem at Bailey and Greer.

The answer is yes, absolutely, we return all phone calls. Every client will get a returned call. If I am out, if I am unavailable for any reason, there will be someone – it’s prearranged that they are going to cover for me, they’re going to return calls, and we want to make sure that communication is never a problem at my firm.

Who decides if my case settles or goes to trial?

That decision belongs 100% to the client. I am never allowed – a lawyer is never allowed – to settle a case without the permission of the client. What I am going to do, is I’m going to give you my best recommendation, give you my opinion.

It’s not a purely objective standard. It’s a subjective standard and lots of things go into it. Some clients are more risk taking. Some clients are risk averse, some clients want their day in court, and some want to avoid court at all costs. Some have the luxury of being able to afford to wait a couple of years for their case to go through litigation, and some just simply can’t do that. So every case you have to mold things to suit what’s in the best interest of the client. But that is always discussed. That is something the lawyer talks to the client about and a decision is made. But that decision belongs to the client.

If you have been hurt in West Tennessee, Bailey & Greer is here to help. Please call 901-680-9777 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation at our office in Memphis or Jackson.



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