Defective drug or medical device cases are something that we’re very familiar with at Bailey & Greer. The approval process for either a drug or a device goes to the FDA, and a lot of people think that the FDA does testing and that they have the facilities set up to make sure that the drugs are safe – and that’s just not the case.

The FDA relies upon drug and device makers like Johnson & Johnson, and Cook, and Bard, and others to supply information to them so they can decide whether or not the drug or device is approved or not. So a lot of times what we see in defective drug and device cases is that the drug makers, the device makers, were aware in their testing process of side effects that they concealed or that they withheld from the FDA or from the public.

And so there’s a failure to warn people of the negative side effects and that results in injuries, and that’s what leads to a defective drug or device case. So if you have a case like that and you need some assistance please give us a call at Bailey & Greer. Our number’s 901-680-9777 or you can reach us on the web at