What Causes Compartment Syndrome?Compartment syndrome is a serious injury that occurs when pressure within the muscles builds to dangerous levels. The higher the pressure, the lower the blood flow throughout the body, which prevents oxygen and nutrients from reaching muscle and nerve cells.

There are two types of compartment syndrome: acute and chronic. If you are suffering from acute compartment syndrome, you are suffering a medical emergency likely brought on by a tragic accident. If you fail to receive treatment, you could suffer permanent damage to your muscles.

Chronic compartment syndrome occurs due to physical exertion, such as playing a sport. It is not necessarily life-threatening, though some people may choose to treat it with surgery.

Symptoms of acute compartment syndrome

The most common symptom of acute compartment syndrome is pain, especially in an area where the muscle within a compartment of the body has been stretched. Different people may experience different kinds of pain, including:

  • Pain that seems to be excessive or too much for the injury you suffered
  • A deep ache in an arm or leg that is persistent
  • Bruising, tightness, or swelling
  • A feeling of pins and needles or numbness in one of your limbs
  • A burning sensation of the skin (paresthesia)

In some cases, acute compartment syndrome can lead to paralysis in late stages.

How is compartment syndrome caused?

Compartment syndrome can be caused by just about any type of accident, especially those that put pressure on any part of your body. However, this injury is most often caused by the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Crushing accidents
  • Blood clots
  • Burns
  • Prolonged pressure on a limb when unconscious
  • Fractures
  • Violence
  • Surgery to a limb or blood vessels

Many victims of compartment syndrome suffer the injury due to someone else’s negligent actions. When someone else causes your injuries, you should not have to pay for the damages you incur. Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney about your case to find out how the responsible party can be held liable.

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