What Are the Most Common Types of Birth Injury?

You really need to know about birth injury law in Tennessee. The most catastrophic cases are generally CP, cerebral palsy cases and here’s what you need to know. Tennessee has the shortest statute of limitations of any state in the country. It’s three years – three years from the date of birth. It’s very important because most parents, they see a child, they’re in denial. They don’t want to admit it, or they don’t want to really face that kind of fact that there might be a problem. They think, “maybe my baby is just a little slower, a little developmentally slow” and by the time you face up to the realities of cerebral palsy, it’s too late. Don’t delay, don’t tarry. Cerebral palsy is caused by a lack of oxygen.

A baby communicates to the outside world through a fetal monitor strip, and that’s telling us how much oxygenation that baby is getting. If the doctors don’t respond appropriately to that fetal monitor strip and they don’t see that that baby is delivered in a timely manner, then that baby can come out with what’s called hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, HIE, which is just another way of saying the baby didn’t get enough oxygen to the brain. That’s cerebral palsy. This is the kind of case that requires your attention as early as you can.

If you think that your baby didn’t get that oxygen in a timely manner, you think you’ve got a cerebral palsy baby, you need to get to a lawyer that knows what they’re doing and you need to do it fast, because these cases take a lot of time to evaluate appropriately. They got to be handled right. We do this. Bailey & Greer has been very involved and we do a lot of cerebral palsy cases. If you think that you’ve got such a case, by all means call us and call us as soon as you can. Bailey & Greer: 901-680-9777 or baileygreer.com.