Warning: The Dangers of Prescription Drugs and How to Fight Back

We have all noticed it; we sit down to watch the evening news and almost every commercial break touts a new drug that will solve all of our problems. We even joke about the long list of side effects that follow, presented in “speed talk”, presumably to keep us from noticing how horrible they are.

As Memphis dangerous drug lawyers, we regularly see people nationwide who are actually harmed by these “miracle drugs.” And there is no excuse for this harm; it is up to the doctors and pharmaceutical companies to make the best decisions for our health.

In April of 1998, the Washington Post reported that, “106,000 people die annually in the U.S. from properly prescribed drugs”. At that time, heart medications, blood thinners and chemotherapeutic substances were cited as causing the most deaths.

So why are these drugs put on the market in the first place? Consumer Reports provided a list of 12 common prescription drugs with serious side effects in 2006. These side effects included greater risk of heart attack, cancer, stroke and even suicide. And since 2006, a whole host of new drugs is approved every year.

At that time, the watchdog organization cited the following reasons for marketing drugs that are known to be dangerous. Here is a list of these reasons:

  • The FDA rushes to approve drugs before they are “market ready”.  With tight deadlines, inadequate data and known safety concerns, FDA scientists are pushed to approve new drugs too soon.
  • A perceived lack of power within the FDA. Consumer Reports found that understaffing and the inability to force pharmaceutical companies to complete necessary studies has led to a weakness that allows bad drugs to slip into usage.
  • The risks of some drugs are hidden. According to the Consumer Reportsresearch, drug companies have been known to withhold studies that show weaknesses and dangers in certain drugs.

All of this is pretty scary stuff. How can we, as consumers, know where to put our faith when the nation’s main drug safety agency is allowing us to be exposed to risks and dangers? And, what happens when we are harmed by one of these dangerous drugs?

At Bailey & Greer, we believe that every U.S. citizen has the right to safe medical treatment. When a prescription drug is prescribed that harms us, the law is all we have to protect ourselves. Call us in Memphis today toll-free at 901-680-9777 if you have been the victim of dangerous drugs. We represent clients throughout the United States