While most people are honest, the insurance adjustor is put in an odd position when dealing with your serious Memphis car accident. On one hand, he is expected to keep the expenses for his company low. On the other, he wants to keep you happy and avoid losing your business or keep you from filing a lawsuit.

For these reasons, the insurance claims adjustor may not always be on your side. There are many tricks of the trade that we should all be aware of when we have been in a serious car accident. Here are a few:

Trick #1, The Quick Offer: A very good way for an insurance adjustor to get you to settle in favor of his company is to jump in early with what may seem like a good offer. It probably isn’t. The adjustor is banking on the fact that the recent accident results are not fully known. It is too soon to know the extent of your injuries, the total medical costs, time lost from work and pain and suffering.

Trick #2, The Low Offer: Very often the first offer you receive will be low. You are probably being tested to see if you know what you are doing. Or maybe the offer will seem reasonable, but actually be much lower than a fair amount. Either way, you would be wise to hire a good attorney to negotiate for you.

Trick #3, Getting Damaging Information: One thing adjustors are trained to do is deal with all kinds of people. In doing this, they learn how to make you feel comfortable, gain your trust and be your “buddy”. Beware! Once you begin to feel secure, you may give information that is not needed and may even damage your claim.

Being aware and educated when dealing with insurance companies is a good first step towards protecting yourself. The second step is getting help from an experienced Memphis car accident attorney. Call Bailey & Greer toll-free at 877-819-4414 to arrange a free case consultation.