Tennessee Slip and Fall Accidents Often Result in Spinal Cord Injuries

Of the many kinds of Tennessee premises liability cases we see, slip and fall accidents can cause the most serious injuries. And when these falls cause injury to the spinal cord, the consequences can be both serious and long lasting.

As Memphis premises liability attorneys, we know how devastating a spinal cord injury can be. One mistake by the owners of any premises can result in a slip and fall accident that literally cripples the victim – sometimes for a set length of time – and sometimes indefinitely.

When a person slips and falls, there is always the risk of a serious spinal cord injury. Whether the accident is caused by a wet walkway, an object left in a pedestrian area, or a defect in flooring, the result can be the same – pain and suffering for the victim.

A spinal cord injury:

  • Is damage to a part of the spinal cord, including the nerves.
  • Can cause permanent changes in your strength and in how the body functions below the injury site.
  • Cannot yet be repaired, but much promising research is being done all over the world.
  • Varies in severity, depending on where the spinal cord is injured and how serious the injury is.
  • A “complete” injury occurs when almost all feeling and movement are lost.
  • An “incomplete” injury allows some function or feeling below the injured site.
  • Responds best to very early treatment, meaning that anyone who suffers back pain after a fall should seek medical emergency services immediately. Damage continues to develop over the days and even weeks following your accident.
  • Is most commonly caused by a fall in people over age 65. Of all age groups, 25% are caused by falls.

If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal cord injury in a Tennessee slip and fall accident, you are probably up against not only physical challenges, but also financial and emotional hardships. At Bailey & Greer, we offer a caring, compassionate hand to the victims of negligence in all kinds of accidents. Call us toll free today at 901-680-9777 to find out what we can do to help you during this difficult time.