Debra English


Debra English, RN holds a Diploma Degree in Nursing from Baptist Memorial Hospital School of Nursing and has been practicing in various fields of nursing for more than 42 years.

She has extensive experience in critical care and diagnostic settings including working with adult patients in respiratory, medical and coronary intensive care and held a supervisory position over all areas of critical care, including surgery and the emergency department.

Debra spent 13 years in the public sector for the Tennessee Department of Health, Health Care Facilities, first as a Public Health Nurse Consultant and then as Health Facilities Surveyor Supervisor, supervising a team of professionals responsible for surveying various types of health care facilities to provide consistent interpretation and adherence to both State and Federal Regulations. Debra has also worked in long-term care, first as an assistant administrator and later as administrator of a large nursing home in West Tennessee. She has seen first-hand how important it is for doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes to follow patient safety rules and the damage that can be done when the rules are broken.

In 2002, Debra decided to take her clinical experiences and invaluable insight into the standard of care required of health care professionals and joined the Bailey & Greer law firm as a nurse consultant. Debra utilizes her extensive clinical and legal experience to offer counsel and support in cases involving injured patients. Being an “in-house” nurse at Bailey & Greer means that Debra is available “full-time” to assist and educate the attorneys on complex medical malpractice cases.

Debra’s knowledge, skill, and experience give Bailey & Greer a distinct advantage over other medical malpractice law firms, leading to better results for our clients.