Negligent Trucking Companies: Speeding

Unfortunately, we see truck wreck cases all the time that are caused by a speeding truck driver. And the sheer damage that can be done by these 18-wheelers on the roadway is pretty horrific. When they’re fully loaded, they’re 80,000 pounds – and it doesn’t take much for them to do a lot of catastrophic damage.

Most of the rigs these days, if they’re out on the interstate, they have a governor on them. So you’re not going to see them driving 90 miles an hour or anything like that, but you may see them going through a construction zone where the speed limit is 45 and they’re going 65 – and they can do a tremendous amount of damage. And so we see cases like that all the time.

There’s ways that we can prove their speed by collecting data, by collecting black box information, and we have a lot of experience in doing those kind of cases. So if you were in a situation like that and you need some help, please give us a call at any time. 901-680-9777, or you can reach us on the web at