Negligent Trucking Companies: Fatigued Drivers Kill

We handle a lot of cases involving fatigued truck drivers. There’s lots of reasons that truckers will get out on the road being fatigued. There are federal regulations that require them to get a certain amount of rest, a certain amount of breaks in their shift, but often times they don’t comply with the rules and they will falsify their logbooks and things like that.

We will typically see fatigued drivers oftentimes in the night. Anytime between midnight and 6:00 AM is a real danger zone when they’re out on the roadway and they’ve worked too many hours and they’re tired and they’re fatigued. There have been studies to show that a drowsy or fatigued driver is just as dangerous as somebody who’s legally intoxicated. And the damage that they can do with these rigs is pretty catastrophic.

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