It’s all about what’s called the standard of care. All right: Did the doctor conform with the standard of care? Which is just basically, a rule, what a reasonable doctor would do under the circumstances. Now you and I know things like the standard of care for driving a car. We know that you can’t run a stop sign or a red light. We know things like that. We don’t understand it when it’s in medical terms. So we have to get somebody who does.

That’s expensive. So when I’m evaluating a medical malpractice case, I’m going to contact a doctor, I’m going to have him evaluate the case, review the file, and tell me whether or not the standard of care has been violated.

Under our rules, I can’t even bring a case until I have gone to such a doctor and have been told by a doctor that, yes, this appears to be a meritorious case.

But these are hard cases. They’re expensive cases. The damages have to be severe. We simply are not … we don’t have the resources nor the inclination to pursue small or borderline malpractice cases. The standard is high. You have to have a very strong case of both liability and damages.

So, if you do have such a case, give us a call. We certainly handle a lot of medical malpractice. We have in-house nurses. We’ve been handling these kinds of cases for thirty plus years. You can reach us at 901-680-9777 or