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Common Types of Work-Related Burn Injuries

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Common Types of Work-Related Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can happen anywhere, but some people have a greater risk of suffering from these injuries while they are at work. When a person gets burned, the injuries can range in degrees from mild first-degree burns to catastrophic, even life-threatening third degree burns. Some injuries may require a simple treatment consisting of a topical ointment, while other injuries may be severe enough to lead to a lifetime of care.

Hot liquid and steam burns

Some workers spend most of their day surrounded by hot liquid and steam. These individuals may work in a restaurant’s kitchen, a spa or salon, or in construction, handling plumbing and pipefitting. When workers are regularly exposed to extremely hot liquids and steam, there is a greater risk of sustaining scalding burn injuries.

Employers should provide employees with protective safety gear to work while completing their assigned tasks. Along with having the right safety gear to wear on their bodies, the proper protocol should be discussed with all employees. The workers need to know exactly what to do to avoid coming in direct contact with the hot liquid and the steam that surrounds them when they are working.

Burns from hazardous chemicals

Toxic, caustic chemicals can cause permanent scarring and significant pain. Anyone who works with chemicals could be at risk, but some industries pose more of a risk than others:

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Hair stylist work
  • Auto repair
  • Warehousing
  • Construction

Workers who handle harsh chemicals that have the ability to burn the skin and cause severe damage must wear protective gloves and clothing, and should be provided with protective eye wear and even gas masks, if necessary. This can reduce their risk of coming in direct contact with those chemicals. If chemicals are leaking from their containers, employers should implement whatever HAZMAT protocols are in place.

Thermal burns from open flames

Some workers are regularly exposed to open fire, especially those who work in a busy kitchen. While most workers will know how to avoid coming too close to open fires, there are always risks involved. For example, one worker might put a towel down too close to the open fire. The towel could end up on fire, causing flames to spread throughout the kitchen. It can all happen so quickly, leading to some of the most severe and uncomfortable burn injuries for workers that are simply trying to do their jobs.

Electrical burns

While electricians are likely at the greatest risk of an electrical burn, they are not the only ones. Live wires can be found on construction sites as well as in warehouses, and overloaded circuits are common in bars and venues which host live bands, who need the electricity to play their shows. The truth is, any worker may be at risk of an electrical burn or shock if a building is not up to code. This means that many times, these employees aren’t provided with the proper protective gear they need to stay safe.

If you get burned at work and sustain life-altering injuries, workers’ compensation may not be enough to help you get the care you need. In some cases, the workers most at risk may not be eligible for workers’ comp, or a third party may be liable. If this is the case, our Memphis burn injury lawyers can help you on the path to recovery.

Did you recently sustain serious burn injuries while you were at work? If so, you may be able to seek damages for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit when workers’ compensation isn’t enough to cover your expenses. Contact the burn injury lawyers of Bailey & Greer at 901-680-9777 or complete a contact form, and someone will reach out to help you schedule a consultation. We proudly represent clients in Memphis, Jackson, and throughout West Tennessee.



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