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Are Personal Injury Lawyers Worth the Cost?

It depends. I get calls sometimes from people that have relatively minor problems, and I will say to them, “A lawyer cannot solve $1,000 problem. A lawyer can only make $1,000 problem become a $2,000 problem.” So there is certainly a point at which the answer is that a lawyer cannot help, but anything over and above a small claim, the answer is absolutely, positively, yes.

You take a personal injury matter in which you’ve got some significant injuries; the bottom line is that the insurance company is in the business of collecting premiums and denying claims. They’re not gonna pay you. When will they pay? Well they will pay when it costs them more not to pay than to fight you. You don’t have that kind of leverage unless you have a lawyer. So what we bring to the table – we put everything together, we get it in the hands of that insurance company. They know that if they don’t pay the claim in a fair and timely manner, they’re gonna be paying lawyers, they’re gonna be paying court reporters, they’re gonna be fighting motions and litigation, answering discovery, heading towards a trial.

All of those things: they drive the value of a case, they promote settlement of a case. So there have been all kind of studies done, but the bottom line is that a competent lawyer… it’s not even close. Most assuredly, it’s in the best interest of the client, on any significant case, to have a lawyer.

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