Mar30, 2015

Doctor Convinces Patients to Undergo Dangerous and Unnecessary Surgeries

An Ohio spine surgeon faces federal charges of health-care fraud and making false statements, in addition to numerous medical malpractice claims, because he allegedly convinced patients to have surgical procedures that they did not need. […]

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Mar26, 2015

Tennessee Automobile Accident Attorneys Discuss Drunk Driving Accidents

A recent drunk driving accident in Nashville claimed the life of one person while seriously injuring two others. The accident occurred when a woman who was driving the wrong way on the interstate crashed into […]

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Mar23, 2015

What are the Most Common Causes of Multiple-Vehicle Crashes?

The recent ice storms and snowy weather in Tennessee have caused several crashes on area highways as drivers lose control of their vehicles on slick, dangerous roads. According to the NHTSA, in 2012 there were […]

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Mar19, 2015

How to Identify and Report Nursing Home Abuse in Tennessee

Americans are living much longer these days. A report from the National Center on Elder Abuse Administration on Aging says that in 2010, there were 5.8 million people aged 85 or older. By the year […]

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Mar16, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Injuries

When parents-to-be go into the delivery room, they have high expectations of coming out with a healthy, happy baby to begin their new lives together. When a baby is injured in the process of being […]

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Mar13, 2015

Tennessee Takes Safety at Railroad Crossings Seriously

Some of the most devastating motor vehicle accidents occur when passenger vehicles are struck by trains. Trains are so much bigger and heavier than cars, and they are often unable to stop in time to […]

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Mar12, 2015

Defective Medical Device Product Recalls

Medical devices that are either implanted in the body or are used externally can save lives and help bring a better quality of life to the people that use them. However, some medical devices are […]

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Mar11, 2015

Horrific Weather Leads to Hundreds of Car Accidents in Memphis Alone

Winter Storm Octavia did a number on Tennessee in February – and our roads are no exception. On Monday, February 15th alone there were 73 accidents on roads and highways in Memphis thanks to slushy […]

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Mar5, 2015

Big Trucks Banned on “The Dragon”

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that there are certain stretches of road out there that just beg to be ridden. All across America there are roads that take motorists and bikers through places of awe-inspiring natural beauty. […]

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Mar2, 2015

Can Profiling Injured Workers in Tennessee Lead to Better Care?

When a person is injured on the job in Tennessee, is there a way to predict how well a treatment plan will work? Are there outside predictors for worker outcomes that no one has examined? […]

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