Jul27, 2015

Curbing the Dangers of Summer Teen Driving Accidents in Tennessee

Along with the summer sunshine comes the heartbreak that thousands of parents of teen drivers will experience when they get the terrible news that their son or daughter has been injured – or even worse, […]

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Jul20, 2015

Might Driverless Trucks Be the Answer to Safer Highways?

The state of Nevada has just approved driverless trucks for highways. Daimler has released their Freightliner Inspiration driverless trucks that can travel the highways without a driver.

Using scanners, sensors and radar to sense its position […]

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Jul13, 2015

Accidents Involving Garbage Trucks Happen More than You Think

If you live in a city and leave your house early in the morning you are likely to encounter a big, slow moving garbage truck on its rounds. Sometimes it might seem as if the […]

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Jul6, 2015

Celebrate the Opening of the New Jackson, TN Office with Bailey & Greer!

We are so proud to announce the opening of our second office in Jackson, Tennessee! Memphis has been amazing to us, but we wanted to offer our clients – both current and new – another […]

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Jun29, 2015

Social Security Disability Hearing Process Part 2

By now you have received notice of where and when your Social Security disability benefits appeal hearing will take place. You know the name of your Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), and if you have hired […]

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Jun22, 2015

Social Security Disability Hearing Process Part 1

If you have filed an application for Social Security Disability benefits and your application was denied, you are actually in good company. More than 60 percent of all initial disability claims are denied. However, all […]

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Jun15, 2015

Some Medical Professionals Perform Multiple Acts of Malpractice before Losing Their Licenses

In a perfect world, a medical professional who harmed a patient by committing malpractice would lose his or her license to practice medicine quickly, before anyone else was harmed. Unfortunately, this is not always the […]

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Jun8, 2015

Client Communication is Part of an Attorney’s Job

When you retain an attorney to assist you in a legal matter, you trust him or her to work diligently to pursue the results that you desire. You also trust that your lawyer will keep […]

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Jun1, 2015

Signs of Physical Abuse in Nursing Homes

No one wants to believe that their loved ones are at risk for being abused while they are in the care of a nursing home. Unfortunately, abuse does occur in the nursing home setting, and […]

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May26, 2015

The Connection between Communication and Malpractice

Did you know that medical professionals who have good relationships with the people in their care are less likely to be sued for malpractice than those who don’t? It makes sense, if you think about […]

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