Mar5, 2015

Big Trucks Banned on “The Dragon”

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that there are certain stretches of road out there that just beg to be ridden. All across America there are roads that take motorists and bikers through places of awe-inspiring natural beauty. […]

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Mar2, 2015

Can Profiling Injured Workers in Tennessee Lead to Better Care?

When a person is injured on the job in Tennessee, is there a way to predict how well a treatment plan will work? Are there outside predictors for worker outcomes that no one has examined? […]

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Feb20, 2015

Your Herbal Supplements May Be More Dangerous Than You Think

It recently came to light that the herbal supplements sold in stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens and GNC may contain little to none of the herbs they claim to possess. In some cases, the supplements […]

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Feb17, 2015

Disability Hearing Could Be Precursor to Plans to Cut Social Security Disability

On February 11, 2015, the Senate Budget Committee held a hearing titled “The Coming Crisis: Social Security Disability Trust Fund Insolvency” to discuss potential problems with funding the Social Security Disability program. At the hearing, […]

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Feb13, 2015

The Wrong Safety Restraints May Put Your Children at Risk in a Crash

It is illegal in Tennessee to drive or ride in a car without a seat belt – and with good reason, too. Of the 70 car crash fatalities in our state in 2015, at least […]

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Jan27, 2015

Truck Accidents on the Rise in Tennessee

Truck accidents tend to make the news because of how large the truck is – and because of how extensive the damage can be. If the numbers from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland […]

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Jan26, 2015

Tennessee Ranked 46th When it Comes to Car Accident Insurance

Tennessee has some of the most beautiful roads and highways in the country – but if you get into an accident on one of those roads, you may be in more trouble than you think. […]

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Dec23, 2014

Memphis Truck Accident Attorney Says Work Zone Accident Risk is Still Present in Winter

Although the warmer months are prime time for road construction, there are still plenty of construction projects that are currently in progress on roads throughout the state of Tennessee. A pair of recent accidents near […]

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Dec22, 2014

Memphis Automobile Accident Attorneys Talk about School Bus Accidents

A recent tragedy in East Knoxville claimed the lives of two children and one adult. The children and the adult who were killed were doing something that many children do every week day – they […]

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Dec21, 2014

Memphis Trucking Accident Attorney Discusses Three Trucking Accident Risks

A recent trucking accident in Hardin County killed a firefighter and a log truck driver when their vehicles collided on a stretch of road that local residents say is very dangerous. The fire truck was […]

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