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Oct20, 2016

When is an Injury Considered Catastrophic?

By |Oct 20, 2016|Categories: Personal Injury|0 Comments

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are injured each year in all sorts of accidents. Despite an initially devastating injury, some people recover, heal, and get back to living their lives. Those victims who are less [...]

Oct12, 2016

When a Mother Suffers Birth Injuries During Labor and Delivery

By |Oct 12, 2016|Categories: Birth Injuries|0 Comments

Childbirth is a perfectly natural function of the human body, and when it goes the way it is supposed it go, it is often a fairly routine process. Sometimes however, there are unavoidable complications during [...]

Oct5, 2016

Safety Tips for Nighttime Driving

By |Oct 5, 2016|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

Did you know that traffic death rates are three times greater at night than during the day? The National Safety Council reports that there are some unique hazards that come with night driving that many [...]

Sep28, 2016

Brain Injury in Newborns Caused by a Birth Injury

By |Sep 28, 2016|Categories: Birth Injuries|0 Comments

There are many factors that can contribute to brain injury in a newborn, but there are two broad categories for the causes of newborn brain injuries: one is physical trauma to the infant's head and [...]

Sep21, 2016

Auto Accidents Caused by Roadway Departures

By |Sep 21, 2016|Categories: Auto Accidents|0 Comments

While it might not have happened to you, you have most likely seen a vehicle in front of you swerve into another lane or even off the side of the road. Roadway departure crashes or [...]

Sep14, 2016

Tips for Road Trip Safety

By |Sep 14, 2016|Categories: Auto Accidents|0 Comments

If your normal commute is a few miles between work and home, you may be unprepared for some of the challenges that come with a long road trip in the car. If you add kids [...]

Sep8, 2016

Newly Released Truck Crash Data from FMCSA

By |Sep 8, 2016|Categories: Truck Accidents|0 Comments

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the federal agency in charge of large truck and bus safety in the United States. Each year, the FMCSA compiles a report of statistics called Large Truck [...]

Sep1, 2016

Catastrophic Injuries from Amusement Park Accidents

By |Sep 1, 2016|Categories: Personal Injury|0 Comments

You have likely heard about the recent amusement park accidents that have caused the deaths and serious injuries of park visitors. No one plans to suffer a catastrophic injury when they walk through the gates [...]

Aug25, 2016

Birth Injuries from Misuse of Forceps and Vacuum Extraction

By |Aug 25, 2016|Categories: Birth Injuries|0 Comments

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Report (AHRQ), about 6 to 8 out of every 1,000 infants born in the United States is born with a birth injury. When it comes to [...]

Aug18, 2016

Cesarean Section Errors and Delays Can Lead to Birth Injuries

By |Aug 18, 2016|Categories: Birth Injuries|0 Comments

Thousands of babies are born naturally every day without incident making their proud parents very happy. There are, however, certain circumstances under which a fetus is experiencing distress within the mother's womb and needs to [...]

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